The laziest frankenfood yet is a hamburger-hotdog mashup

From the stoner school of thought that gave us the KFC Double Down burger and the Pizza Hut party pie-stuffed crust pizza, we now have the Hamdog, a hamburger-hot dog mash-up with a name that has a whole different meaning on Urban Dictionary.

Unlike the granddaddy of frankenfood mash-ups, the cronut, which requires an intensive three-day long pastry lamination process, the hamdog is relatively simple.

Other than the outer-shell (basically a bread roll with handle bars), all of the ingredients could be sourced from a backyard barbie – chop a burger patty in half, run a frankfurt down the middle and garnish with lettuce, tomato and a few squirts of Heinz’s finest. Et voila.

Despite this, the Hamdog is not something Uncle Frank slapped up on Australia Day. The taste sensation has been sitting on the burner since 2004, according to creator Mark Murray, who patented it in 2009, and appeared on Channel 10’s Shark Tank in 2015, but failed to get a bite from the judges.

He’s now selling the “party in your mouth” treat at festivals through Perth, and contracts a Perth baker to form the buns by hand, using custom-made moulds.

For now, you’ll have to head to Western Australia to try it out, but Murray also plans to franchise the idea out across Australia.