The Purge movies are legendary for their intriguing concept: humans embracing their dark desires without limits. For 12 hours annually, everything is legal… even murder. The fictional American citizens’ annual release allows for society to run smoothly. In the alternate reality, America has an extremely low crime rate, and the country is doing better economically than ever before – all thanks to one brutal and terrifying night each year, when all bets are off.

The third movie in the franchise, The Purge: Election Year, came out this year. If you haven’t watched the movies before, it’s a pretty cool concept for a horror flick – but you are just watching people get killed and tortured for two hours. While there are some major fans of the movies, some people feel the films have disappointed . Still, there’s hope for the fascinating concept to thrill us all again. A TV show is now to be released, with fanatical horror fiends waiting with baited breath.


Trailer for The Purge: Election Year 2016

James DeMonaco, the movie’s creator, gave details to CinemaBlend after they asked about the rumoured transition into TV. “Dude, it’s so weird you bring that up,” said DeMonaco. “Yes! Not an anthology… I guess kind of an anthology – more of an interwoven anthology. They came to me about a TV show, my idea is that you do six or seven story lines. And I would kind of intercut them, use flashbacks.”


Personally, I’m not one for scary stuff, but this sounds pretty cool. Many are hoping that the show’s focus will differ from the movies and give an insight into the minds of the purgers. According to the movies’ creator, they’re in luck:

“The idea of why I like the idea of a maybe 10 hour TV thing on this, the one thing you really can’t do on the films is, just because of mere real estate and time, is you can’t get into the nuance and complexity that would drive someone to commit a terrible act on this night. Whether it’s revenge or out of passion, but what might be interesting in a TV show is with a flashback narrative, if you start on Purge Night but you go back to show how people have gotten to where they are. Where you see a couple that’s gone haywire on this night, but let’s show everything that’s led up to this moment of a husband trying to kill a wife — the cheating or the accusations of cheating or money problems. It will be interesting to show those arcs, those dramatic and complex arcs that get people to where they pick up a gun or a knife and kill someone else.”


DeMonaco hinted that the show is already ready to hit the ground running. Deals are being made, storylines are being drawn up and fans are excited for the possibilities. Time to go shopping for a nightlight methinks.