The story of Coby Chambers, known to his friends as “the chicken master”, touched many Wanganui Chronicle readers – and some of them have offered to help him.

Ten-year-old Coby and his flock of 20 hens appeared in the Wanganui Chronicle on October 15.

Coby saves his pocket money to rescue battery hens. He nurses the hens back to health then, when they start laying, he sells the eggs to pay for their food.

He knows each one of his hens by name, and they are so familiar with him that they stop laying when he goes away.

Coby’s flock is set to increase after the Chronicle story was published.

Coby’s mother, Chrissy, said she has received several phone calls offering money so Coby could buy more hens.

An anonymous donor left $20 and a note at the Chronicle office. And someone offered Coby two more hens.

Another donor dropped off a big bag of chicken feed at Mosston School, where Coby is a student.

Coby said he was very grateful for the help people had given him. Coby’s media presence is also growing – a national magazine has contacted the family, wanting to do a story about Coby. And he has set up his own YouTube channel, called Living The Good Life With Coby Chambers.

“I want to show other kids how to look after animals and how to grow their own vegetables,” Coby said.

Although the YouTube channel is in its early stages, Coby has done a lot of research and has plenty of topics lined up. His mother and brother help him with making the videos.

Coby said he’s pleased that so many people are interested in what’s he doing.

“It’s kind of surprising, but I like it,” he said.