WARNING: Video Contains some graphic content

MANILA — It was a love triangle that ended in a bloody fight.

On Saturday, National Geographic Channel uploaded a video starring three penguins — a couple and a homewrecker.

The video starts when a male penguin arrives home to see his partner with another penguin. This prompts him to challenge the other male to a fight, with lots of pecking and wing-slapping — and blood.

And just like all battles, there is only one winner.

Unfortunately, despite his strong desire to fight for his girl, the female penguin chose the stronger homewrecker.

This video has captured the hearts of millions of viewers. As of this writing, it has already garnered over 11 million views, 218,000 shares, and 139,000 reactions.

Netizens have also created a Twitter account for each of the three penguins. (WARNING: Some Language)


Meanwhile, some netizens took to Twitter to air their reactions on the viral penguin video. Most of them praised the brave “Mr. Penguin” who did everything to fight for love.


Those with playful minds, on the other hand, created humorous GIFs and memes about the penguins.


Indeed, even penguins know how to fight for love.