Air New Zealand is extending an invitation to Americans for a post-election break in New Zealand.

Calling the invitation “Election Hangover Cure”, the airline’s latest promotional video invites Americans to give themselves a break in the best country in the world.

It follows the country’s shock election results and an expected mass exodus.

There had been despair and shock as Donald Trump was declared the presidential election winner.

Many Americans are said to have queried about travel routes between the United States and NZ.

“Sounds like you guys need a break.

“So, why not treat yourself to some Kiwi hospitality, to help pep you up again?” the airline asked.

“How about some unreal scenes to take your mind off things? Invite’s there… Think about it.”

Immigration New Zealand reported increased traffic to its New Zealand Now website, with more than 1500 US citizen registration in the last seven days.

This was more than 50 per cent of the monthly average.