This is big!!

Angelina Jolie made her first official statement in months this week, delivering a taped video message that was played at the Hague, in the Netherlands, and concerned the International Criminal Court’s new policy on crimes against children.

The speech itself was recorded to coincide with the ICC launching its new policy highlighting the severity of crimes affecting children all over the globe, and Jolie — no stranger to promoting human rights around the world — jumped right in.

You can watch a portion of that video here (below):

Jolie continued on, saying:

“There can be no complete justice without consideration for the victims of the war crimes themselves, and the practical assistance they need to move on with their lives and overcome the harm they have suffered. That is why the work of the trust fund is important and must be supported and strengthened over time … [prosecution of these crimes] is part of the long and vital generational effort. That is the light in which I believe the court’s new policy on children should be seen.”

And she added:

“I particularly welcome the commitment to include charges for crimes against children wherever the evidence permits as part of a more systematic approach. I congratulate the office of the chief prosecutor and all those working on the policy.”

Well spoken!!!

Tellingly, she also succinctly summed up:

“The impact of crimes against children is felt down the generations. We know we aren’t giving the best to children.”

Whoa!! That last sentence — that’s not a shot against Brad Pitt, is it?!

We know, obviously, that entire salacious child abuse accusation and investigation is moving through the couple’s divorce, but Angelina is only talking about the ICC and global crimes against children — as opposed to instances involving her own family — here… right?!