Disney Pixar has just released a teaser trailer for Cars 3 and it doesn’t look pretty for Lightning McQueen.

Instead of going with the usual comedic and fluffy fare that comes with the Cars movie franchise, Disney has taken a very dark turn with its latest Cars 3 teaser trailer.

Will Lightning Mqueen survive after this trailer? Photo / Pixar 

The 45-second trailer features realistic, grim shots of cars racing past the cameras, with the sound of a heart slowly beating in the background.

At the end, there is a “hold your breath” moment when Lightning McQueen is seen being lifted in the air with debris scattering over the track. Before he can land though a message flashes on screen warning: “From this moment, everything will change”.

The trailer has received mixed reactions, with people on Twitter saying it was “too intense” or left them with goosebumps.


The original Cars did well at the box office in 2006 as the movie grossed $653 million and was nominated for two Academy Awards. Five years later, Cars 2 made $794.3m, but the reception was not as positive as the first film.

Cars 3 will be coming to New Zealand screens on the July 22, 2017.