Simply displaying your deceased loved one’s ashes in an urn on your mantle is so last year.

Chronicle Cremation Designs offers something much more unique that you can do with the ashes of a loved one. The business turns remains into “ceramic design objects” for your home.

That’s right – you can enjoy your morning cup of joe from a mug made of grandma, or rock a ceramic necklace made from your BFF.

There are a few steps in the process of getting your ashy treasure. First, you select which product you want, here’s a couple of examples:








Next, the company will mail you a collection kit. You fill the kit with about one cup of ashes, and mail it back in. Then, it gets turned into a beautiful ceramic piece. While to some, this may come across as gross or disturbing, the sentimental value of it means a lot to the company’s customers.

“The response to our memorial products has been mixed. We’ve had an incredible outpouring of support from people who’ve seen our service online and from
our clients, we’ve also faced criticism from people questioning religious values, ethics and respect”.
However, some customers have provided him with incredible feedback. 
“The people who buy our memorial products are looking for a way to keep their memories close to them”.
Brings a whole new meaning to the words “that’s Grandma’s cup” doesn’t it!