Everyone’s favourite champagne guzzling reality TV star has released her debut single just in time for the Christmas season.

Anne Barley-Burton, best known as Real Housewives of Auckland’s cackling Champagne Lady, has posted a video of her singing an original Christmas jingle online.

Starting the video by topping up her champagne, Anne then sings along with a friend in a song inspired by the millionaire’s year in the spotlight.

While none of her famous rescue cats make any cameo appearances, Anne does make their presence known by yelling “pussies galore” throughout the video.

The song is unlikely to top the charts any time soon – especially as it hasn’t been officially released – but the star power of the Champagne Lady may at least give it some legs.

Burton was one of the more popular members of the Real Housewives cast thanks to her infectious laugh, posh demeanour and affinity for using the word “pussy” over cats.

Fans are eagerly awaiting to see what she does next while they wait for a second season of the hit reality show, which is yet to be ordered.