Water has been lost to significant parts of Taumarunui following two major breaks to the water main on Hakiaha Street. One is outside MacDonalds, the other outside of Taumarunui Primary School.

Veolia, together with Ruapehu District Council, are currently working to repair the breaks and restore water as soon as possible. Currently it looks like the repairs may take up to 12 hours. A water truck is being arranged so that residents have access to drinking water. Information as to where this truck will be located will be available shortly and will be posted online.


A water truck will be situated opposite the Police Station on Hakiaha Street (next to On Track where the vege truck parks) from 3.30pm today and will remain there for the duration of the repair to the water mains.

Drinkable water is available from the water truck to all those affected by the current water outage.

UPDATE 3:19pm – new water truck location details

The break opposite Taumarunui Primary is not as bad as first thought. This repair will be completed within half hour meaning water will be back on for most affected people including Hakiaha Street. The break outside McDonalds is serious and houses on Hospital Hill will continue to be affected as first indicated. The water tanker is being moved to the Hospital carpark. Will be available from 3:45pm. Please bring suitable containers.

UPDATE 4:33pm

Water should now be on to all houses. Investigation has found further repairs are necessary opposite McDonalds that will affect Hospital Hill but these will not happen until around 7-8pm tonight. When these repairs are underway Hospital Hill houses will be without water. With any underground repairs we don’t really know what is involved until we dig the pipes up. In this case initial repairs were quicker than first thought.