A levitating duo have stopped hundreds of Queenstown holiday makers with their head-scratching busking performance.

Italian Flying Gypsy friends Della and Yerman, who wanted their last names to remain a mystery, said they wanted to bring some magic to the resort.

Dressed in Aladdin-like attire they quietly floated on Rees St for almost two hours attracting hundreds of people.

“You have to keep the concentration and focus, the patience and the chanting. It’s very tiring,” Della said.

The yoga enthusiasts later said they came to New Zealand on working holiday visas and had not attempted levitating previously.

Since learning the act from the a friend they had performed on the streets of  Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Arrowtown.

“People freaking love it,” Della said.

“We do it to sustain ourselves and give a little bit of magic to people. They need some magic,” Della said.

Hundreds stopped by the floating duo and were trying to figure out what magic the young buskers were using.

Some thought a rope was attached to a rod in a near building, others suggested there was a magnet on the ground.

The Flying Gypsies didn’t want to reveal their trick and wanted people to believe in magic.

“You believe in what you see if you don’t know what it is, otherwise it’s not magic,” Della said.

After a successful day busking in the resort the men were planning to leave Queenstown for Invercargill as they had received $400 worth of fines for freedom camping in wrong areas in two days.

However, they would return to Queenstown, they said.

One of the people in the crowd, Giverny Lewis, of Queenstown, said the duo was incredible.

“It’s amazing. I was walking around from all angles trying to figure it out,” she said.

Lewis said the pair provided different street entertainment for the resort.

Another woman in the crowd said the buskers were “out of it”.

“Weird these guys,” she said.