More than two thirds of people in a Herald poll want summer’s months moved to accommodate a changing New Zealand climate.

Sixty five per cent of Kiwis said they wanted the season moved, following an abysmal start to the year weatherwise.

The majority of the more than 14,500 people who voted, 34 per cent, said they wanted the Kiwi summer moved to the months of February and March.

Thirty one percent said New Zealand’s summer holidays should be moved to January and February to take advantage of the better weather.

However, 26 per cent thought the summer months were fine as is, while nine per cent said it doesn’t matter.

WeatherWatch’s Philip Duncan described New Zealand’s current summer holiday timing as “bizarre”.

“We should push [the holidays] out to mid-January and February. That’s when the driest, hottest weather of the year is.”

Duncan said the past five years had seen summer shift back by about a month

United Future leader Peter Dunne agreed and said the holiday period needs to change.

“What we ought to consider doing is having a shorter break at Christmas, and then the main holiday in mid-February to mid-March.