Footage has been captured of a mako shark jumping metres of the water after being caught up in an Auckland man’s fishing line.

North Shore electrician Andrew Baker captured the footage over Auckland Anniversary Weekend.

Baker and three friends were fishing by the Hen and Chicken Islands, near Mangawhai, on Friday when they spotted the 2.5m shark circling the boat.

“We’d already got about 18 snapper when the shark started swimming around, then it just hooked on one of the lines and took off,” Baker told Fairfax.

“I have no idea what it was up to but I would have thought he was trying to get the line out of his mouth.”

He described it as an “amazing couple of minutes”.

The occupants on the boats surrounding their boat all began cheering and whistling while the mako went nuts.

“It was quite a sight. Everyone on the boat was buzzing after that.”