6 Bomb Platforms, Over 10m High, Giant Swing (pending), Big Prizes, DJ’s & Live Music



Waitangi Weekend, 4 – 6th February 2017.

Wharewaka Point Reserve, Taupo.

Opening Hours
Sat 4th: 10am – 7pm.   Sun 5th: 10am – 9pm.   Mon 6th: 10am – 7pm.

Early Bird Tickets – ‘UNLIMITED BOMBS’

  • These tickets are discounted, have ‘Jump The Line’ status and get you UNLIMITED BOMBS. Jump the Line enables you to to avoid long queues and gets you to the front quickly. Limited numbers available. Child 14 & under.

General Admission Tickets

  • A LARGE variety of ticket options will be available during the event including the Giant Swing, tickets start from $5.

Registrations for the Comp

  • Open early Jan through our website.
  • Multiple divisions.
  • Huge prizes.
  • Entry fee apply.


  • After you’ve purchased your ticket share the link on Facebook and if your friends buy a ticket you’ll receive a partial refund on your ticket.
  • NZ Bomb Comp are working hard to get the Giant Swing approved, one more approval to go…. its looking good!
  • During the event there will be an on site security & medical team.
  • Identification could be requested if you look older than 14 and you’ve purchased a Childs ticket.
  • NZ Bomb Comp Rules must be followed at all times otherwise you risk loosing your ticket


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pick up my Wristband?
Bring your ticket to the NZ Bomb Comp Tent during the event and our staff will register you with a Wristband.

Do I get a refund if I have left over Bombs or Giant Swings on my Wristband?
No. It’s up to you to make sure you make the most of the day/s.

I only want to do a Bomb or two and maybe try the Giant Swing?
Great, there’s a variety of options to purchase on the day.

Can I come and watch the event for free?
Yes. Absolutely.

Got more questions?
Click HERE


Get in quick for limited Early Bird tickets!… They’re discounted, you receive ‘Jump The Line’ status AND you get Unlimited Bombs.

Early Bird Day Pass – Bomb Platform

NZ$22.00 (excl. Fees)

Early Bird 3 Day Pass – Bomb Platform

NZ$39.00 (excl. Fees)


Early Bird Day Pass – Bomb Platform

NZ$32.00 (excl. Fees)

Early Bird 3 Day Pass – Bomb Platform

NZ$55.00 (excl. Fees