Sorry kids, the latest Lewis Road Creamery creation will be out of reach: chocolate cream liqueur.

The adults-only beverage is a first for the boutique dairy company, who’ve seen success for their creative milks, butters and ice creams.

At 17 per cent alcohol, the liqueur is a blend of cream, 54 per cent Belgian chocolate and triple-distilled spirits. It will be the first Lewis Road product to be sold outside super markets from February 10, and will feature on some cocktail lists around NZ.

Lewis Road boss Peter Cullinane said it was all about paying homage to the country’s dairy heritage.

“Given we know a thing or two about chocolate drinks, why not start right there?” he said.

Lewis Road has used chocolate in plenty of its products, including ice cream and most recently butter. However demand for their chocolate milk collaboration with Whittaker’s back in 2014 was by-far their most successful. Demand was so great that customers were queing up for fresh deliveries, purchase limits were put in place at supermarkets, and security guards employed to watch over fridges containing the chocolate gold.

More recently, Lewis Road took Fonterra to court over “staggeringly similar” branding of their Kapiti range of organic milks released in November last year.