Nokia has officially re-launched everyone’s favourite OG indestructible phone! With a month-long battery life, 22 hours of talk-time and Snake II, there isn’t much to complain about!!

However, tech-heads have discovered a major flaw that could make it completely useless to a LOT of people.

The re-vamped 3310 only has 2G capabilities, meaning the phone still communicates with old frequencies used for the kind of connections before mobile Internet caught on. So what’s the problem? Those frequencies (2G) have already been turned off in many parts of the world, including Canada and the United States, and are on their way out in many other countries too.

If you’re keen to travel with your 3310, you might find it doesn’t connect to certain networks in certain countries. The countries that have shut down most of their 2G networks include Canada, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan and the U.S!


Considering Nokia is aiming the phone at people who like to travel as a robust alternative to a smartphone, this is kind of ironic..

The phone only supports GSM 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, which is used in places like Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, so you’re safe to use the phone there. For now.