We all use toothpaste daily to make sure our teeth stay sparkling white but it has plenty more uses than simply cleaning our mouths.

From relieving bug bites, sores and blisters to removing nail polish stains and brightening your car headlights, these tips might have you reaching for a toothpaste tube more than just twice daily.

Zit zapping

It’s an old wives tale but a good old dollop of toothpaste really can beat blemishes. It helps to dry them out and reduce the inflammation around the area.

Simply dab on your toothpaste after you’ve finished cleaning your teeth, leave to dry and then wash off.

It can be left on overnight but make sure you moisturise in the morning so that your skin doesn’t become too dry.

Nail polish stains

Nail polish can sometimes leave unsightly stains on your nails but instead of risking weakening your nails with lots of polish remover, try applying some whitening toothpaste to your nails and then brushing off.

Relieving bug bites, sores and blisters

Using toothpaste on a bite can help to stop the itching and decrease swelling. Try putting on just a smidgen of cooling gel toothpaste.

It can, according to Expert Home Tips, also be used to help speed up the healing process on weeping wounds.

Soothe a minor burn

If you accidentally burn yourself with your straighteners then don’t fear. Simply apply a little bit of toothpaste to the area to deliver a temporary and immediate cooling effect.

Get rid of food smells from hands

If you’ve been in the kitchen cooking and your hands smell like garlic, try scrubbing your hands with a little toothpaste and it will help to both clean your hands and remove all traces of the strong odours.

Revive dirty trainers

If your trainers have white rubber trims that become discoloured over time then apply some white toothpaste to the area with a cloth.

Buff and rinse thoroughly to reveal whiter looking shoes that will prevent you having to put them in the washing machine.

Make silver jewellery sparkle

To get your jewellery looking clean, put a tiny amount of toothpaste on an old toothbrush and gently buff away the dirt. Wash afterwards and wipe clean with a cloth.

Brighten headlights

There are lots of different uses for your toothpaste that you might not have known about and brightening your car headlights is one of them.

Rub the toothpaste on with a damp paper towel and buff in a circular motion.

Smooth out scratches on watches and phones

A lot of people have scratches on their watch face or phone.

To help remove them, buff with a pinch of toothpaste and you’ll soon hardly notice the scratches.

Remove permanent marker

If there is permanent marker on your floors, walls or TV screens then don’t worry as some classic Colgate will get rid of them.

Rub it on the affected areas and buff with an old rag and it should lift off.

Block out bad smells

This trick is especially helpful for those with small children and who have to spend time cleaning nappies, which emit bad odours.

Place two dots of toothpaste into each nostril and it will help to distract from the bad smell.

Remove scuffs from shoes

A little toothpaste goes a long away when it comes to scuffed up leather shoes.
Squirt a small bit on the area and rub with a soft cloth. Wipe clean with a damp one and you’re done.

Prevent foggy goggles

Apparently, if you apply a thin layer to your swimming, woodwork, ski or scuba goggles then wipe clean, it should help prevent them from fogging up.

Who knew?

Clean up hair dye stains

When you’re dying your hair, it can often stain around your hairline or leak onto your forehead.

Make sure to grab your toothpaste to scrub away any stains.

Clean bathroom sink

Next time a lump of toothpaste lands in your sink, don’t wash it away.

Get a sponge and scrub it around the sink to help give it a quick clean. This natural abrasive acts like a gentle bathroom cleaner and can help deodorise the drain, too.

Whiten a keyboard

If you have a white keyboard then you’ll be aware that the keys can get grubby quite quickly.

Disconnect your device and apply a small bit of white toothpaste to a cloth and gently buff each key. Stubborn stains should lift and your keyboard will appear brighter.