Suicide is not an option.

That is the message a group of woman are hoping to spread with their Walk for Hope event next month.

Starting at the Scout Hall, the two kilometre walk is a way to raise awareness about the massive issue of suicide – and hopes are high the walk will get others opening up about it and not avoiding it.

“The community has been affected quite badly by suicide,” Karen, one of the five women, said.

“It’s got to stop.”

Five women based in Taupo came together last year to form the group No Words Needed – a group designed to support others who have gone through the horrible loss of a loved one to suicide.

“There was nothing in Taupo to help parents like us,” Emma said.

“This group to let people know we are here for them as well. We care.”

The five women who currently make up No Words Needed; Emma, Karen, Sue, Judy and Ceri were from all different walks off life but have one commonality that brought them together – suicide.

The children they lost had everything going for them. One was a father to two boys, one was a hairdresser in her prime, another was on his way to being a top dressing pilot.

Their family members described them as the life of the party and always being a listening ear for other people’s problems – they just didn’t share their own.

“When somebody thinks about suicide they may think ‘who will miss me or who would care’,” Emma said.

“We, as family and friends, can tell you; we care. We will miss you.”

While suicide is their main discussion points, so to is bullying.

“It used to be sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me,” Sue said.

“But words do hurt.”

No Words Needed meet every Tuesday at the Parent’s Centre and the ladies say any one can join them.

“Every Tuesday we made the commitment that someone will be here,” Emma said.

“Just for people to come in and talk to us.”

The Walk for Hope starts at 11am, April 8 with entertainment also available. To get in touch with the ladies, their number is 0277015431