When Charde Heremaia came across “a disgusting mother f*****g mess” outside McDonald’s on Queen Street, she decided to do something about it.

“I went into the McDonalds, asked for a bag and a pair of gloves, and then picked it all up.”

Heremaia then picked up the burger boxes, paper bags and cups that littered the street.

She was cheered on by passers-by, who even helped her as she showed the litter bugs what it truly means to be a tidy Kiwi.

“It’s disgusting, I feel sorry for the McDonalds workers on Saturday night.

“You wouldn’t go to the home of a friend or family member and leave it in such a state, so why do people think they can do it here.”

Heremaia says the mess is a common sight outside McDonald’s restaurants across the country on Friday and Saturday nights.

“At a certain age, it’s just common sense to clean up after yourself.”

Heremaia, known for her Memoirs of a Maori social media presence, filmed footage of the rubbish and posted it on Facebook.

“Leave your bulls*** at home,” she said, filming overflowing bins and packaging strewn across the pavement.

Heremaia called the rubbish “revolting” and asked “Who the f*** do you think you are messing up the f*****g street?”

Shortly after sharing the video, Heremaia wrote a heartfelt message for all the people working in the service industries.

“Shout out to the people who work to serve others! Whether you’re a cleaner who has to clean up lazy people’s rubbish, whether you service motel rooms to keep them clean and tidy for the people staying, whether you work in retail where every second mother f***** asks to speak to your manager or whether you bust your ass in hospitality.

“I love you and appreciate what you do. I hate people who disrespect others in these industries in particular,” she explained on Facebook.

“I don’t give a f*** if someone is paid to clean up after you or whatever, just have some respect and make their jobs easier aye.”

The latest reports of the mess comes on the heels of investigations into filthy McDonald’s restaurants in Australia.

A number of outlets were handed fines from the NSW Food Authority for unacceptable food practices last year, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Stanmore McDonald’s in Sydney’s inner west, was slapped with a A$24,000 ($25,633) fine.

Last year, a McDonalds in Wellington came under fire after photos emerged of a “disgusting mess” left behind by customers.

The photos drew a lot of comments, with most criticising the patrons for not cleaning up after themselves. Others blamed McDonald’s staff for not cleaning up fast enough.