Shocking video of Dr Phil’s Cash Me Ousside Girl has emerged showing her fighting with her mother.

Thirteen-year-old Danielle Bregoli, who is known for her catch phrase which she debuted on the show last year, was filmed struggling with her mother Barbara Ann in footage captured by a friend on their cell phone.

The constantly sparring pair are seen entangled in each other’s bodies while they hit each other in the face, according to Daily Mail.

It is not clear when the fight in the video occurred but it appeared to center around Barbara Ann demanding that Danielle give her her phone back.

“B**** give me the phone!” she shrieked repeatedly.

Police have been called to the family’s home in Boynton Beach, Florida, more than 50 times in the past year amid calls for domestic disturbances.

Barbara Ann, 49, has never faced child cruelty charges. There is no suggestion she is guilty of it.

She took Danielle on the show last year in a desperate bid to correct her out of control behaviour.

The teenager was sent away to a behavioural camp and returned vowing to be more refined.

But her debut won her stratospheric fame and appears to have sent her back to the foul-mouthed, scrappy attitude she was brought on the show to fix.

Her mother also appears to have let the overnight stardom go to her hair.

When they reappeared on Dr Phil earlier this year, she made a list of demands and told the show’s producers that they should be grateful for the ratings her daughter brought them.

Barbara Ann and Danielle have a fiery relationship. Earlier this month, police were called to the home amid reports of another fight between the pair.

Boynton Beach detectives told that the altercation was only verbal and that no one came to any harm.

No one was arrested in connection with the fight which began when Barbara Ann asked one of Danielle’s older friends to leave their home.

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