As part of what appears to be an elaborate April Fools joke, Burger King has created a Whopper-flavoured tooth paste.

On Wednesday, the fast food chain announced the launch of the “Whopper Toothpaste” that is said to keep your mouth “Whopper fresh” all day long.

The toothpaste, claims to contain “active Whopper extracts,” and embody “the iconic flavour of the Whopper and combine it with active ingredients for optimal teeth and gum hygiene,” the company stated in a press release.

Complete with full 60-second ad, Burger King have not let us down with their deadly serious movie like trailer boasting “you won’t have to hesitate between enjoying a Whopper and brushing your teeth ever again.”

The video also features dentists saying “okay” to the Whopper Toothpaste, which is said to be “soon available” in restaurants and pharmacies.