A young woman filmed in a zombie-like state after taking synthetic drugs says she feels ashamed by her actions.

Ngaetu Grover has spoken out for the first time since a video of her and her boyfriend in a comatose state after taking drugs went viral on social media last week.

Grover was filmed by her brother, Tuakeu Grover, who later posted the short clip to Facebook in a bid to put a spotlight on the effects of drugs.

In the video, her brother approaches a garage where the pair are sitting after a synthetic drugs session.

He asks them: “Are you alright? Look at you!”

Neither Ngaetu or her partner can speak in the video, but only sit and writhe in their chairs and grunt.

Speaking to Three’s The Hui today, she acknowledged that although she was embarrassed, there was a positive outcome in that it may motivate others on drugs to give it up.

“It feels shaming, kind of,” she said.

“But it feels like a good thing so everyone can actually see what the actual effects of that drug does and hopefully it does help others getting off it.”

Grover admitted she had an addiction.

But drugs were never a part of her childhood and they were not something she had planned to have in her life as an adult.

“Getting hooked on it is easy. But getting off it is the most difficult part,” she said.

“The way I was growing up, it isn’t like how I am now – like how I’ve gone towards this path.

“I didn’t think that I would’ve chosen this path that I went down.”

Earlier this week it was revealed she had been shocked after seeing the video – which has had more than 2.7 million views – and had made the decision to change her life by applying to a rehabilitation centre.

Her brother Tuakeu Grover has been accused of posting the clip on Facebook for fame.

He said he did not regret posting the video and only wanted to highlight the effects of drugs specifically on young people.

He wanted youth in particular to give up that life and hoped his sister would be among those to change her life for the better after seeing the clip.

“Most people think I put it up to shame them or humiliate them,” he told The Hui.

“I put it up just to show an image to our youth, just to show what drugs look like – to encourage them to say no to drugs.”

It is understood the drug the woman had taken was either spice – a synthetic marijuana – or bath salts.

Spice is a synthetic cannabis and is extremely potent.

It is at the centre of an epidemic across the UK and US, with many pictures showing users slumped on pavements, in cars and in trance-like states, leading it to being described as a zombie drug.

It was reportedly accidentally invented by an American scientist examining the effects of cannabis on the brain.

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