This is probably our fave thing we have seen today (and Sam Wallace got topless today so that’s really saying something).

Shed Simove (above) created his own app called Shinder to find himself a partner.

Shinder invites people via Facebook, and after a few questions, decides whether the potential date is a match with Shed.

Mr Simove, a serial inventor and speaker, said he had received 150 matches and been on three dates (not the best hit rate…).

Tinder has filed a legal objection, after he tried to trademark Shinder. Shed has also received a letter from the lawyers of elevator firm Schindler asking him to refrain from entering the elevator market.

Both firms were contacted by the BBC for comment. Tinder said it was aware of the situation.

This story just goes from one laugh to another. All we think is that this man needs to be given a medal for getting off his butt and actually making the app. Give this man a date!