So… it’s that time of the season. Where we are all wondering who’s going to win?

Its the final of the Bachelor this Sunday and boy oh boy has he got a tough decision ahead. Zac has certainly left himself with two very different contestants: Lily and Viarni.

So lets break down the pros and cons with both gals.


Hilarious gal, absolutely hilarious. Shes very much a wild child with taste buds for a bevvy or two. She’ll definitely be a spontaneous partner in crime. But there is quite an age gap which asks the question, is Zac actually interested in going out like Lily is? Being surprised 24/7? We don’t know…


She’s still quite a bit younger but closer to Zac’s age than Lily is. She likes to laugh at herself and seems to be a very genuine character. But… she seems to have quite an intense family which after seeing Zac deal with Claudia confronting him, we don’t know how good he’ll be with that!

*potential spoiler ahead!!*

Zac follows every contestant on Instagram EXCEPT for Viarni. What does that mean you ask? Well we think it’s one of two things…

Either Viarni was heartbroken by not getting the final rose and blocked Lifeguard Zac on Insta OR Zac being the brains he is thought he wouldn’t follow her on insta to keep us investigators off the case.

Hmmm interesting… Who do you think will win?