Cauuuuute (but also a little ouch to the other contestants).

It’s all over now, The Bachelor 2017 will hold a place in our hearts as Zac was possibly the sweetest bachelor to date.

In the ‘Girls tell all’ show last night tensions ran high between some of the girls but that was overshadowed by Lily’s entrance. How could that have been more Lily? She was wearing a completely different outfit to the other girls (and looked stunning!!). Claudia also made a slip up saying she was happy for ‘Lily and Zac’ (Um girl did you even watch the show after you left?).

But overall our favourite moment was when Zac and Viarni had their interview onstage and looked so loved up ? ? 

In the interview when asked why he chose Viarni, Zac said “There was always an instant attraction to Viarni from the first night and the more I got to spend time with her, the bigger those feelings got,”
“To me, it just got to the point where at the end of the whole journey I knew she was the only one I could potentially fall in love with.”

Aww shucks, of course there were a few stank faces from the bachelorettes but that’s what that show is about right? Drama.