Musician Kingdon Chapple-Wilson, known as “Kings”, broke Lorde’s record for the most weeks at No.1 in the New Zealand Artists Top 20 when his debut single Don’t Worry ‘Bout It spent 33 consecutive weeks at the top.

When asked what he wants to do next Kingdon said:

“It’s funny, for my second release I got asked to do another Don’t Worry ‘Bout It but I was like “Na, I don’t want to”. What We S’posed to Do was a Prince-style funk pop that didn’t even hit radio but I just didn’t care. It’s probably how I’m going to be my entire career. In my new album I’m working on, I talk a lot about my past. There’s a song about my dad. Shopping Spree is about having more money than I used to have.”

Lets see if he can keep up the record breaking streak. It’s probably nice for Lorde to have a little competition egging her on!