Game of Thrones fans using Sky’s streaming site Neon were sent into a panic last night after the show wouldn’t play on some devices.

Episode 4 of Season 7, The Spoils of War, was set to air through the streaming service as soon as it had shown overseas.

But at 7.15pm Neon posted on Facebook: “Some of you might be having issues playing the latest episode of Game of Thrones if you’re trying to stream using Chromecast, PlayStation or the Samsung Smart TV app.

“We know how frustrating this is as we’ve been hanging out to watch the latest episode too.

“We’re working like crazy to get this sorted for you and will keep you updated when this is fixed.”

Just before 8.30pm the service was restored. Neon apologised for the delay, adding “Please don’t send us to the Wall”.

Many Game of Thrones fans are using Neon’s 30-day free trial but said they would not be paying for a subscription at the end.


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