Police were busy educating skifield visitors about driving to the conditions last week.

Operations Hootoke – which means winter – was launched nationwide to raise awareness about the risks driving in winter.​

“You might know the roads but bear in mind even though you may be driving safely other people don’t and their mistake could affect you.

“Slow down a bit, making sure you’re not cutting corners, because some locals tend to since they’re familiar with the road but sometimes they get caught out and it all turns to grief.”

The operation also focused on restraints, alcohol, passenger vehicle compliance and standards.

“Some of these speed limits are high compared to the engineering of the roads so they’re not suitable for driving at the speed limit in the best of conditions.

“People just need to take notice of the environment and drive to conditions.”

Alcohol was another area of concern for police with visitors drinking to the early hours of the morning then driving to the skifields at 8am.


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