Fans of The Block NZ have taken to social media to express their anger and frustration after last night’s room reveal and judging was postponed.

Host Mark Richardson announced the weekly judging would be postponed for three days to allow twins Ali and Julia to return to site and complete their space, after he ordered them off-site last week.

Richardson staged an intervention with the pair, telling them he was concerned for their welfare and how they were coping with negative social media attention.

Ironically, his decision to do so has only angered social media more, with many claiming the competition was unfair and attacking the twins for receiving special treatment.

A post on The Block NZ’s official Facebook page has more than 900 comments, with many angry about last night’s turn of events.

But despite the fiery reaction, MediaWorks had no further comment to make, instead re-issuing last week’s statement regarding social media.


  1. Wow, I feel so sorry for the twins. I think this has been such childish bullying from the other three twins. Shame on them! Three teams against one. Tracey and Anita always whining but theirs and Ling and Zings zeros on food challenge was disgusting. The other three teams working against the twins all the time and putting them on the outer was very cruel. My favourites to start with were the bestows but they are my least favourite and they have not integrity. Didn’t mind going against the girls, do a deal with them and then shaft them. Disgusting behaviour. I feel sorry for you Julia and Ali. You girls certainly played it straighter than the other teams. I was so disappointed in the dads though. They ended up being nasty like Stacey and Anita and Ling and Zing who never played with a straight bat with anyone of the other teams and yet the other two teams continued to fall for their dishonesty. I hope you win Juli’s and Ali. Don’t take any notice of the haters. Bullies are everywhere. Best of luck for the auction girls. I honestly like the natural, calm timings of your home. Anyone’s furniture will fit in with your decor. Well done girls!


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