The Real Housewives of Auckland has aired in the real house of Girls creator Lena Dunham, and she thinks its hilarious.

So funny, the out-spoken star grabbed two videos of the socialite show and posted them to her Instagram story.

Dunham appeared to be chilling on the couch with her mate watching day time TV.

Lena turns to her friend to say “what’s this show called? This show we’re watching?”

Her friend, who appeared to be engrossed in the show, responded with a slight laugh, “The Real Housewives of Auckland.”

She then laughed and said: “It’s so good!”

Lenham posted another video of Anne Batley Burton, known as the Champagne Lady, on the screen of the television with the caption: ‘Bitches! Queens!’

We are glad you like it Lena, just know that’s not what we are all like…


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