Kiwis caught out by a recent Facebook hack should change their passwords on other websites, as they may have been compromised, Netsafe warns.

Facebook messaging services are being compromised to send a message to Facebook friends, claiming the account holder is in a YouTube video.

The message reads: “It’s you [account holder’s name]!”, or “Is this yours?” and could be mistaken for a harmless message.

If clicked, the link asks for a password login, and then forwards the message to more people.

Passwords submitted on the fake page are sent to the scammers, the type of hack could snowball very quickly.

“Each time one account is compromised, the scam message is sent to potentially hundreds of new targets.”

People who had clicked the link should be cautious if they used the same password for other online accounts, he said.


The best way to stop the hack is to not click the link.


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