Peru’s World Cup playoff victory against New Zealand has been dirtied by accusations of spectators shining lasers into the eyes of All Whites players – including goalkeeper Stefan Marinovic.

Images of Marinovic and Bill Tuiloma with a green light shining on them surfaced on social media shortly after the final whistle.

All Whites coach Anthony Hudson and seasoned defender Andrew Durante expressed their frustration at the Peruvians’ off-field tactics after the match.

Some fans have labelled the acts “disgusting”, while a number of All Whites supporters took to Twitter to voice their disapproval.

This is the latest incident of unsportsmanlike conduct the All Whites travelling party have had to endure over the past 72 hours.

Earlier on Thursday, three military jets conducted a spectacular low flying swoop over the All Whites’ team hotel in Lima – a seeming continuation of intimidation after an ear-splitting fireworks display took place outside the hotel at 3am local time.

Durante said the Peruvians “used every trick in the book”.

“We knew that they would throw everything at us and they did,” Durante said.

“We knew what we were going to be in for. They used every trick in the book to try and put us off.”

The team’s arrival in Lima was delayed by almost three hours, after what looks like a curious intervention by local authorities.

Then the bus that took the team from Jorge Chavez airport to the hotel was also strangely slow, taking more than twice as long as it normally should have at that time of night.

“We got on the airplane and I asked the stewardess how long it was to Peru and she said, “We’re not going to Peru, we’re going to Chile!

“Ever since then, it’s been unbelievable. We didn’t sleep at all last night with the fireworks.

“Today I thought I’d grab a quick hour’s sleep by the pool and all of a sudden all these jet fighter planes are flying past and the pilots are taking selfies in the planes with their Peru shirts on.”



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