Anyone who watched The Block: Side x Side this year will know Nate Ross is a skilled builder. He and his brother-in-law Andy Murdie did such a good job of their townhouse they won the big prize on auction night.

But now, back in Cambridge, life is about to take another change in direction for Nate and his family – wife Serena, son Eli, 9, and daughter Sadie, 6. They are putting their four-bedroom house on the market with Cambridge Real Estate and are about to move to Mount Maunganui, where they have bought a section.

“This house was the first house I built, and it’s not a standard home, which is a little bit cool,” says Nate. “And yes, there is some colour blocking in here.”

On the show, the duo were known for their bold colour blocking skills, which gave their rooms a certain panache. “After being on The Block, I’ve become more confident to use colour in my own home,” Nate says. “So confident, I am proud to say we have a pink bedroom. We have colour blocked three of the four bedrooms. It gives the rooms much more punch and brings them to life – plus, the kids love it.”

A black and white kitchen introduces a touch of drama.

Nate says maximising the view from The Block townhouse was also something he has done at his own home. “We built our home so the master bedroom has unobstructed views of the river. It’s such a great way to start the day, to wake to an awesome view.”

And yes, Nate will be building a new house for the family at the Mount. He is also starting up a new construction business. Serena may follow suit with a new business of her own, as she will be leaving The Sample Room hair salon in Cambridge, which she co-owns with a partner.

The house is being marketed by Alison Boone and Sacha Webb of Cambridge Real Estate, and is for sale by deadline private treaty. The closing date is December 6, 2017.

Sliding barn doors feature in the main living area.

Blue, another colour seen in The Block house, appears in son Eli's bedroom.
Well go check it out! You can now live your dream of buying a Block NZ house (kinda).


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