We can all appreciate that Justin Bieber is a good looking guy.

But that doesn’t mean we would want a sex doll that looks like him… right?!

Yup, a life-size sex doll which is modelled off 23-year-old pop star Justin Bieber is selling out online.

If you want to secure a superstar boyfriend (well the closest you’ll ever get to one) then you can pick up the adult entertainment item from AliExpress for NZD$1903.

We haven’t gotten to the most disturbing part however: you can choose the size of the penis, which ranges from seven – nine inches.

Although the ad for the doll doesn’t actually make any┬áreference to Bieber, the chiselled pecs and mop of sandy hair that resemble Bieber have the doll being an almost sell out.

The doll’s description says: “This sex doll is made from the most advanced medical thermoplastic elastomer material (TPE) with a full metal skeleton.

“It can flexibly do all sorts of different sexy poses.”

So where was the link to that?


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