Rapper Eminem slipped an eyebrow-raising confession into his latest interview – and it’s left fans very confused.

When speaking with Vulture upon the release of his new album Revival, talk turned to his dating life.

Here’s the full exchange:

Interviewer: When you were dating, how’d you meet people? Tinder?

Eminem: I mean, yeah.

I: Are you being serious?

E: Yeah, Tinder.

I: Really?

E: [Laughs] And Grindr. I also used to go to strip clubs.

From there, the conversation turned to other topics, the interviewer apparently missing the scoop Eminem had just delivered him. (Grindr for those who don’t know is Tinder except for same sex orientations). It was left to fans to ask: Was Eminem joking, or does the rapper – who’s courted controversy for his use of homophobic language in the past – date dudes? on a few dates, but “nothing’s panned out in a way I wanted to make public”.

No confirmation from the man himself – or his interviewer – about whether the comment was meant in jest, but in the meantime… keep an eye out on the apps, guys and girls.


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