It started as a fictional country on Reddit, and remains a fictional country on Reddit. But New Zanada has some really committed fans.

The country’s concept has existed since at least early 2013, in response – according to Redditors – to the founding of “Ameristralia”, a nation purportedly overrun by racist dudebros and very deadly animals.

Split between Upper New Zanada (New Zealand) and lower New Zanada (Canada), the friendlier landmass spans 10m square kilometres, with a population of 39.9 million, and dual capitals in Ottawa and Wellington.

And don’t worry, we won’t have to have ANOTHER flag debate as it has already been sorted!

The official languages are English, French and te reo Māori, and given its motto is “The Nicest Country in the World.”

There’s even an anthem mashup.

You know what, we’re not mad about this!


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