Home News Rocket Lab’s ‘Humanity Star’ is New Zealand’s first satellite
The Humanity Star is intended to serve as a focal point for humanity, as every single person on Earth will have the opportunity to see and experience it. The satellite will appear as a bright, glinting star shooting across the night sky. (PRNewsfoto/Rocket Lab)

Rocket Lab’s ‘Humanity Star’ is New Zealand’s first satellite


The ”Humanity Star” is an oversize carbon fibre sphere much like a disco ball that is one metre in diameter and should be visible with the naked eye anywhere in the world.

Effectively New Zealand’s first satellite, “Humanity star” was launched on Sunday on the company’s Electron rocket which reached orbit carrying other payload as well.

The Humanity Star has 65 highly reflective panels. The sphere spins rapidly, reflecting the sun’s light back to Earth, creating a similar effect as a disco ball that can be seen in the night sky.

 Rocket Lab’s calculations show Humanity Star will likely be visible in the night sky in New Zealand from late February, though as it’s still settling into its orbit the company can’t pinpoint it just yet.

Rocket Lab created history on Sunday, becoming the first company to reach orbit from a private launch facility.

It hopes to launch up to once a week carrying small satellites when in full commercial operation.



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