It has not ended well for a troll online who said he could take on pretty much every female MMA fighter.

Kristopher Zylinski posted a controversial Facebook status – likely for attention – in which he claimed that that not even a woman trained in martial arts would be able to beat him in a fight.

Zylinski wrote: 

An MMA Facebook page McDojoLife were more than happy to find Zylinski an opponent, writing:

“We are willing to pay out $1,000 to any pro female 160-pound fighter willing to come and spar with this man. We will also provide plane ticket and hotel.”

Soon a fight was set up with Tara LaRosa, a top American mixed martial artist and grappler. Having fought professionally for 13 years, LaRosa has competed in top competitions. Lucky for us a video was posted of the fight on Facebook:

The first round starts at 7:19 in the video:


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