Asos is usually one of the go-to sources for the latest clothing and massive shopping hauls but sometimes they just don’t get it right…

There was the time they made a dress with ‘toggles’ all over it, these weird AF backless jeans and oh, there was that one time they made jeans with a denim skirt over them…

Is it just us or are we noticing a biiit of a theme here!

The jeans are everything they sound like, a pair of baggy jeans… over another pair of jeans. The bottom denim layer appears to be a pair of ‘mom’ jeans rolled up at the bottom, with a pair of 3/4 rough cut jeans over the top!

Considering the summer we’re having, this just makes us sweat looking at it!

ASOS is selling jeans over jeans and we're not sure why either

Would you be brave enough to wear this possible new fashion trend?


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