Swimmers are being warned to keep clear of three Whanganui streams – places that are especially popular with young children.

Warning signs went up at the Mowhanau and Kai Iwi streams at Kai Iwi Beach on January 18, and the Ototoka Stream, further north, was deemed unfit for swimming on January 11.

Horizons Regional Council science manager Abby Matthews said, “Because the results have been consistently poor this season we’ve made a decision to put permanent warning signage in place for now.”

Horizons monitors more than 80 swim spots weekly during the summer months. On Thursday there was a contractor taking monthly water samples in the Mowhanau Stream where the council has been working to improve water quality.

Ms Matthews said: “We are looking into further investigative work to determine the causes and identify any opportunities for improvement.

“We appreciate this is a popular spot with families and that the community are keen to be able to make good use of it.”



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