We know it’s tempting to get that four day weekend, but calling in sick this Monday could just get you fired, the employers’ union warns. While the country’s largest workers’ union says businesses could use it as an opportunity to cut down their leave balances.

Waitangi Day falls on Tuesday and those with the foresight will already have booked the Monday off to have an extended break.

But that pesky in-between Monday will no-doubt have many of those rostered on wishing they could somehow wheedle their way out of work.

Employers and Manufacturers Association chief executive Kim Campbell warned that workers who didn’t show up could face disciplinary action, potentially even getting the sack.

“Not showing up does open the door for disciplinary action, particularly if you’re pretending to be sick – you generally need a doctor’s certificate these days so don’t try that one,” he said.

Don’t do it guys! Unless you hate your job… then maybe it’s easier than quitting…?


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