Residents of a wealthy street in Sydney have engaged in a war of words over a campervan after one disgruntled local plastered a note on the windscreen telling the owner it was an “embarrassment”.

Dannielle Miller poster a series of photos to Twitter detailing the written exchanges between residents in Sydney’s Mosman, herself commenting “This is peak Mosman”.

Another local then jumped to the defence of the campervan owners with a letter of their own, “This vehicle may not be pretty, but what is certainly ugly are the comments attached to it and the insanely arrogant idea that there is some sort of aesthetic standard vehicles must reach before they may be parked on this street,” the response reads.

“As a resident of this street for the last 20 years I have driven, walked and ridden past this vehicle over the past little while with a small smile on my face, wondering what interesting human tale lies behind its sojourn here.”

The owner of the campervan posted a response under their on windshield wiper, urging “the person who chose to deface our vehicle” to come and speak with them in person.

“Ironically we were going to leave on our trip this morning however we have put our trip back a few days so we could attend the scattering of ashes for a close friend. Perhaps it may take another day so we can clean off the mess you have made.”



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