The Oscars are usually in interesting time in the awards season, remember last year when the wrong name was announced for ‘Best picture’? Eeek.

So in comparison to that mess, this years Oscar ceremony was pretty laid back. Here are our fave moments:

1. Jennifer Lawrence being a wee bit tiddly.

Jennifer was spotted taking a creative shortcut to her seat—all while holding a full glass of wine. She climbed over the back of another a chair while making her way to her spot at the Oscars.

The Red Sparrow, who wore a gold sequined Dior dress, was also seen making the rounds talking to fellow actors Meryl Streep, Salma Hayek and Woody Harrelson—all with her wine glass in tow. Someone take that wine off her!

2. The award for shortest speech was a jetski!

Jimmy Kimmel, who did a great job of increasing his chances of making it three-in-a-row at the Oscars, not only delivered a solid opening monologue (which surprisingly namechecked the twin monsters of Trump and Weinstein), he also introduced a The Price is Right into proceedings.

While encouraging winners to thank everyone they wanted to, he introduced a prize for the shortest speech – a Jet Ski (to which he later added a trip to an Arizona lake). The eventual winner: Phantom Thread‘s costume designer Mark Bridges, who came in just under 40 seconds. (It looks like he did legitimately win the Jetski too??)

3. Our girl Keala Settle did THE BEST performance EVER.

Okay so she was born in Hawaii BUT Keala Settle is Maori so naturally New Zealand is claiming her. She had one of the stand-out moments of the Oscars, when she performed the hit song This Is Me for Hollywood’s finest, fighting back tears as she sang.

The song was inspired by Settle’s personal story of fighting for acceptance and was written by Justin Paul and Benji Pasek for The Greatest Showman (where she played the bearded woman). It was nominated for best original song, but lost out to Remember Me from the animated film Coco. Still, many took to social media to praise Settle’s talent, with The Greatest Showman co stars Zac Efron and Zendaya saying she “killed it” and was “glorious”.

Sometimes it is just NICE when everything goes right!


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