If you are tempted to sneak in to the disabled spot while you do a quick bit of shopping or pay a bill — think again.

A new app available in Whanganui is geared to dob in able-bodied motorists who pinch a disabled space.

Access Aware, developed by CCS Disability Action, is a free app available through Google Play or the Apple Store and it is being rolled out across New Zealand. It was developed in an effort to revolutionise the reporting of abuse of mobility parking.

General manager of CCS Disability Action’s Whanganui branch, Janine Richards, said the app was vital.

“Research into mobility parking abuse in New Zealand has shown that there has been no improvement in over 10 years. The increase in fines from $40 to $150 has been no deterrent,” she said.

Users who download the app can use it to report cases of somebody stealing a park for the disabled.

The app also has a mapping function that allows users to pinpoint where mobility parks are — information that is required in Whanganui.



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