She dissed him. He wore her name on his shirt at a concert. Now, Hayley Holt has returned serve to Ed Sheeran, reports

The feud began when the Breakfast presenter said the visiting megastar “does my head in” and “he tries to suck up to us by wearing All Black shirts”.

Sheeran clearly heard this, and at his first of six shows here on Saturday night, he wore an All Blacks shirt with Holt’s name on the back.

Made it #givemethatshirt @teddysphotos

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But Holt wasn’t finished with Sheeran, hitting back at him on Breakfast this morning by wearing an Ed Sheeran shirt during the broadcast.

“How do you say you don’t like someone’s music, and suddenly they have your name on your jersey?” asked Holt. “He was the bigger man in that, obviously.”

When asked if she regretted calling Sheeran “boring”, she replied: “I do not … He’s a legend, he doesn’t need my approval.”

She also revealed that she’d tried to resolve the issue with him personally, but: “He didn’t want to meet me.” Yikes.


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