Men with big wieners may have to cut back on sex this month after Pharmac announced prescriptions of certain brands of large condoms would be rationed.

Durex looks to have pulled its 56mm Confidence large condoms out of the New Zealand market. However, Durex said it had not withdrawn the large Confidence brand from the market – it was merely a “short-term supply issue”.

The withdrawal had led to a run on other condoms. Gold Knight brand condoms in the same size are now out of stock.

“Pharmac funds five other types of condoms, in varying sizes, which remain available. We are working with Gold Knight, another condom supplier, to get more stock of the 56mm size into New Zealand.

“To meet the increased demand they are manufacturing extra product which is expected to arrive in May. They are also manufacturing additional quantities of Shield Blue (53mm).”

Meanwhile, pharmacies have been asked to ration their dispensing of all condoms, offering a maximum of 72 at a time.



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