We’ve got your NZ results here for the Commonwealth Games!


Gold: 10, Silver: 14, Bronze: 12

Placed 6th on the medal table.


Men’s trap: Owen Robinson 10th, Myles Browne-Cole 25th after first day of qualification
Women’s trap: Natalie Rooney 7th, did not qualify

Men’s javelin throw: Ben Langton Burnell 5th in qualification
Women’s pole vault: Eliza McCartney 2nd, Silver medallist, Olivia McTaggart 9th
Women’s shot put: Valerie Adams 2nd, Silver medallist
Men’s 10,000m: Jake Robertson 5th

Women’s 1m springboard: Lizzie Cui 13th, did not qualify; Shaye Boddington 9th in qualifying, 12th in final.
Men’s 3m synchronised springboard: New Zealand 8th

Wrestling – Freestyle 
Men’s 97kg: Sam Belkin lost to Martin Erasmus (South Africa) in 1/8 final, bt Nicolaas Verreynne (Australia) in repechage, lost to Jordan Steen (Canada) in playoff for bronze
Women’s 57kg: Ana Moceyawa lost to Pooja Dhanda (Italy)
Men’s 65kg: Brahm Richards lost to Bajrang (India) in 1/8 final, lost to Amas Daniel (Nigeria) in repechage

Women’s doubles quarterfinal: New Zealand (Joelle King, Amanda Landers-Murphy) bt England 2-0
Men’s doubles: New Zealand (Paul Coll, Campbell Grayson) lost to Australia 2-1
Mixed doubles: New Zealand (Joelle King, Paul Coll) lost to India 2-1

Women’s 60kg semifinal: Troy Garton lost to Anja Stridsman (Australia), Bronze medallist
Men’s 91kg semifinal: David Nyika bt Cheavon Clarke (England), advances to gold medal bout
Women’s 57kg semifinal: Alexis Pritchard lost to Michaela Walsh (Northern Ireland), Bronze medallist
Men’s +91kg semifinal: Patrick Mailata lost to Frazer Clarke (England), Bronze medallist

Rugby Sevens
Women’s: New Zealand 45 Kenya 0, New Zealand 41 South Africa 0

Men’s semifinal: New Zealand 3 India 2

Women’s semifinal: Australia 109 Tall Ferns 50

Boxer Tasmyn Benny lost her semifinal, but took home a bronze medal on day seven on the Gold Coast.


Lawn bowls
Men’s fours: New Zealand bt Wales 11-10
Men’s singles: Shannon McIlroy lost to Robert Paxton (England) 21-16 in quarterfinals
Men’s fours: New Zealand lost to England 20-2 in quarterfinals
B6/B7/B8 open triples: New Zealand (Bruce Wakefield, Barry Wynks, Mark Noble) lost to Australia 14-13 in final, Silver medallists

Fullbore rifle Queen’s Prize open singles: Brian Carter sixth, John Snowden 15th after two of three days.
Women’s 50m rifle prone: Janet Hunt 10th, Sally Johnston 11th

Men’s 3m springboard: Anton Down-Jenkins 14th, did not qualify; Liam Stone 15th, did not qualify

Cycling – Mountain Bike
Women’s cross country: Samara Sheppard 9th
Men’s cross country: Sam Gaze 1st, Gold medallist, Anton Cooper 2nd, Silver medallist, Ben Oliver 4th

Wrestling – Freestyle
Men’s 74kg: Akash Khullar bt Jean Frederic Marianne (Mauritius) in first round, lost to Connor Evans (Australia) in quarterfinals

Men’s doubles: New Zealand (Lance Beddoes and Evan Williams) bt St Vincent and the Grenadines 2-0, lost to v England 2-0 in round of 16; New Zealand (Paul Coll and Campbell Grayson) beat Pakistan 2-0 in round of 16.
Mixed doubles: New Zealand (Amanda Landers-Murphy and Zac Miller) lost to India 2-1 in round of 16; New Zealand (Oliver Leydon-Davis and Susannah Leydon-Davis lost to England 2-0 in round of 16; New Zealand (Joelle King and Paul Coll) beat India 2-0 in quarterfinals.

Women’s shot put: Valerie Adams 18.52m, qualified for final
Women’s 800m: Angie Petty 5th in heat, did not qualify
Men’s pole vault: Nick Southgate, did not clear a height in final
Women’s discus: Sositina Hakeai 4th
Men’s 800m final: Brad Mathas 5th

Beach volleyball 
Men’s third-place playoff: New Zealand (Ben and Sam O’Dea) bt England 2-0, Bronze medallists

Women: New Zealand 0 England 0 (NZ won 2-1 on penalty shootout), advance to gold medal match

Boxer Tasmyn Benny lost her semifinal, but took home a bronze medal on day seven on the Gold Coast.


Lawn bowls
Men’s singles: Shannon McIlroy bt Krishna Xalxo (India) 21-0
Women’s pairs: New Zealand lost to Canada 16-18, lost to Norfolk Island 11-20, did not advance
Women’s triples: New Zealand bt Wales 19-16, advanced to quarterfinals, lost to Canada 18-16
Men’s fours: New Zealand bt Papua New Guinea 20-12, bt Canada 21-11
B6/B7/B8 triples semifinal: New Zealand bt England 18-11, advance to gold medal match

Men’s 50m pistol:
 Ricky Zhao 14th, did not qualify
Men’s double trap: Scott Wilson 11th, did not qualify
Queen’s Prize Individual Finals, day one: Brian Carter, John Snowden 2nd equal

Pool B:
 England 54 Silver Ferns 45; Silver Ferns advance to semifinals.

Men’s 1m springboard:
 Liam Stone 13th, did not qualify
Women’s 3m synchronised springboard: New Zealand (Lizzie Cui, Yu Qian Goh) 4th

Women’s doubles pool A: 
New Zealand (Joelle King, Amanda Landers-Murphy) bt Australia 2-0
Men’s doubles pool C: New Zealand (Paul Coll, Campbell Grayson) bt Malta 2-0
Mixed doubles pool A: New Zealand (Paul Coll, Joelle King) bt Malta 2-0
Men’s doubles pool H: New Zealand (Evan Williams, Lance Beddoes) lost to Malaysia 0-2

Women’s 45-48kg semifinal:
 Tasmyn Benny lost to Kristina O’Hara (Northern Ireland), Bronze medallist
Women’s 60kg quarterfinal: Troy Garton bt Aratwa Kasemnag (Botswana), advances to semifinals
Men’s 75kg quarterfinal: Ryan Scaife lost to Dieudonne Wilfried Seyi Ntsngue

Pool A: Australia 2 New Zealand 1

Beach Volleyball
Men’s semifinals: Canada 2 New Zealand 0

Mixed doubles round of 32: New Zealand bt Jamaica 2-1, advance to round of 16

Men’s 200m semifinals: Joseph Millar 6th in semifinal, did not advance

Gymnastics, rhythmic
Women’s individual all-around, qualifying:
 Stella Ebert – hoop 10.400, ball 7.400, clubs 9.300, ribbon 7.550, total 34.650, did not advance

Hamish Bond was all smiles after finishing third in the men's time trial on day six on the Gold Coast.


Lawn bowls
Men’s singles: Shannon McIlroy bt Cephas Kimwaki Kimani (Kenya) 21-10, lost to Robert Paxton (England) 21-18.
Women’s pairs: New Zealand (Jo Edwards, Val Smith) bt Tonga 29-6
Women’s triples: New Zealand (Mandy Boyd, Katelyn Inch, Tayla Bruce) bt Jersey 24-8

Men’s 50m rifle prone:
 Ryan Taylor 2nd in qualification, 5th in final
Fullbore Rifle Queen’s Prize pairs: New Zealand (John Snowden, Brian Carter) 5th

Road cycling
Men’s individual time trial: 
Hamish Bond 3rd, Bronze medallist; James Oram 5th
Women’s individual time trial: Linda Villumsen 2nd, Silver medallist; Rushlee Buchanan 5th

Men’s 800m: 
Brad Mathas 4th in heat, qualified for final
Men’s 400m hurdles: Cameron French 6th in heat, did not qualify
Men’s 200m: Joseph Millar 2nd in heat, advances to semifinals
Women’s hammer throw: Julia Ratcliffe 1st, Gold medallist

Women’s 400m freestyle: 
Carina Doyle 4th in heat two, 8th in final
Men’s 100m backstroke S9: Chris Arbuthnott 7th in heat, 7th in final; Jesse Reynolds 4th in heat. 4th in final
Men’s 200m individual medley: Lewis Clareburt 3rd in heat one, 7th in final; Bradlee Ashby 1st in heat two, 5th in final,
Women’s 4x100m medley relay: New Zealand 6th in final

Beach volleyball
Men’s quarterfinals: NZ (Sam O’Dea, Ben O’Dea) bt Trinidad and Tobago 2-0
Women’s quarterfinals: NZ (Shaunna Polley, Kelsie Wills) lost to Cyprus 0-2

Women’s doubles:
 New Zealand (Joelle King, Amanda Landers-Murphy) lost to Malaysia 2-0
Mixed doubles: New Zealand (Zac Millar, Amanda Landers-Murphy) lost to England 2-1
Mixed doubles: New Zealand (Joelle King, Paul Coll) bt Papua New Guinea 2-0
Mixed doubles: New Zealand (Zac Millar, Amanda Landers-Murpy) bt Malta 2-0
Men’s doubles: New Zealand (Jason Doyle, Jules Snagg) bt St Vincent and the Grenadines 2-0

 New Zealand 5 Scotland 2

Women’s 57kg quarterfinals:
 Alexis Pritchard bt Keshani Hansika (Sri Lanka)
Men’s 91kg quarterfinals: David Nyika bt Christian Ndzie Tsoye (Cameroon) by walkover
Men’s 69kg quarterfinals: Leroy Hindley lost to Aidan Walsh (Northern Ireland)
Men’s over 91kg quarterfinals: Patrick Mailata bt Stephen McMonagle (Northern Ireland)

Women’s quarterfinal: Tall Ferns 79 Mozambique 63

Joelle King won gold in the women's singles squash event on day five on the Gold Coast.


Lawn bowls
Women’s pairs: New Zealand bt Fiji 17-16
Men’s singles: Shannon McIlroy bt Andrew Newell (Jamaica) 21-0, bt Arun Kumar (Fiji) 21-15
B2/B3 mixed pairs: New Zealand bt England 16-13
Women’s triples: New Zealand bt Zambia 24-12
Men’s fours: New Zealand 21 Cook Islands 4
Women’s triples: New Zealand 22 Namibia 15
B6/B7/B8 open triples: New Zealand lost to Australia 16-11

Men’s 105kg:
 Stanislav Chalaev DNF
Women’s 90kg: Tracey Lambrechs 5th
Women’s over 90kg: Laurel Hubbard DNF
Men’s over 105kg: David Liti 1st, Gold medallist

Fullbore Rifle Queen’s Prize, open pair: New Zealand (John Snowden and Brian Carter) 8th after day one

Men’s 200m backstroke: 
Bradlee Ashby 5th in heat two, did not qualify; Corey Main 2nd in heat one, did not qualify; Lewis Clareburt 5th in heat three, did not qualify
Women’s 50m backstroke: Bobbi Gichard 4th in heat three, 4th= semifinal one, lost swim-off for place in final
Men’s 50m freestyle: Daniel Hunter 3rd in heat six, 4th in semifinal one; Sam Perry 5th in heat seven, 8th in semifinal one
Women’s 100m backstroke SB9: Sophie Pascoe 1st in heat one, 1st in final, Gold medallist
Women’s 200m butterfly: Helena Gasson 7th in heat one

Women’s singles gold medal match: 
Joelle King bt Sarah-Jane Perry (England) 3-2, Gold medallist​
Men’s singles gold medal match: Paul Coll lost to James Willstrop (England) 3-0, Silver medallist

Gymnastics – Artistic
Men’s individual vault final: Kyleab Ellis 7th

Beach volleyball
Women: New Zealand 2 Vanuatu 0

Men: Pool A: New Zealand Tall Blacks 82 Canada 60

Javelin throw F46 final: Holly Robinson 2nd, Silver medallist​
Men’s shot put final: Tom Walsh 1st, Gold medallist​
Women’s 10,000m final: Camille Buscomb 14th

Pool B: New Zealand 60 Scotland 29

Women: Pool B: New Zealand 0 Australia 0


Lawn bowls
B2/B3 mixed pairs: 
New Zealand lost to Scotland 23-5
Women’s singles: Jo Edwards bt Colleen Piketh (South Africa) 21-17 in semifinal, bt Laura Daniels (Wales) 21-17 in final, gold medallist
B6/B7/B8 open triples: New Zealand bt South Africa 19-11

Women’s skeet: 
Chloe Tipple 7th, did not qualify for final

Women’s 69kg: 
Andrea Hams 6th
Women’s 75kg: Bailey Rogers 4th

Women’s 200m backstroke:
 Bobbi Gichard 4th in heat three, did not qualify
Women’s 100m freestyle: Carina Doyle 4th in heat three 7th in semifinal two; Georgia Marris 5th in heat three, 8th in semifinal two; Laticia-Leigh Transom 5th in heat four, 6th in semifinal one.
Men’s 200m individual medley SM8: Celyn Edwards 4th in heat one, 4th in final
Women’s 100m breaststroke heats: Bronagh Ryan 7th in heat three, did not qualify
Men’s 100m freestyle final: Daniel Hunter 8th in final

New Zealand 0 Canada 0
Men: New Zealand 6 South Africa 0

Women’s 48kg quarterfinal: 
Tasmyn Benny bt Lethabo Modukanele (Botswana)
Men’s 64kg round of 16: Richard Hadlow lost to Dinindu Ponnawela Vidanalage Don (Sri Lanka)
Men’s 75kg round of 16: Ryan Scaife bt Edwin Owuor (Kenya)

Women’s singles:
 Joelle King bt Nicol David (Malaysia) 3-1 in semifinal
Men’s singles: Paul Coll bt Joel Makin (Wales) 3-2 in semifinal

Men’s individual: 
Ethan Dick 5th in floor exercise final, Devy Dyson 6th in rings final

Men’s 20km walk: 
Quentin Rew 5th
Women’s 20km walk: Alana Barber 2nd, silver medallist
Men’s shot put: 
Tom Walsh 1st in qualifying with 22.45m (CG record)

New Zealand 90 India 55

Cycling – Track
Women’s keirin: 
Natasha Hansen 1st in first round, 2nd in second round, 3rd in final, bronze medallist; Emma Cumming 3rd in first round, 3rd in repechage, 4th in second round, 11th in final; Olivia Podmore 5th in heat two, 1st in repechage, 2nd in second round, 6th in final
Men’s points race: Regan Gough 2nd in heat two, 9th in final, Campbell Stewart 9th in heat two, 2nd in final, silver medallist, Tom Sexton 4th in heat one, 10th in final
Men’s time trial: Eddie Dawkins 2nd, silver medallist, Zac Williams 4th, Dylan Kennett 7th
Women’s scratch race: Kirstie James, Michaela Drummond, Raquel Sheath

Beach volleyball
New Zealand bt Singapore 2-0
Men: New Zealand bt England 2-1

Malawi 57 New Zealand 53


Lawn bowls
Women’s singles: Jo Edwards bt Emma Firyana Saroji (Malaysia) 21-7, bt Emma Firyana Saroji (Malaysia) 21-9 in quarterfinal
Men’s triples: New Zealand bt Namibia 28-8, New Zealand lost to Australia 25-10 in quarterfinal
Women’s fours: New Zealand lost to South Africa 16-11, New Zealand lost to South Africa 16-8 in quarterfinal
Men’s pairs: New Zealand bt England 14-12, New Zealand lost to Wales 20-7 in quarterfinal
B2/B3 mixed pairs: New Zealand lost to Australia 16-11
B6/B7/B8 open triples: New Zealand bt Scotland 17-9

Gymnastics – Artistic 
Men’s individual all-around final: Ethan Dick 11th, Misha Koudinov 15th
Women’s individual all-around final: Stella Ashcroft 13th

Men’s 77kg final: Cam McTaggart 7th
Men’s 85kg final: Richie Patterson DNF

Men’s 200m butterfly: Bradlee Ashby 6th in heat two, did not qualify; Lewis Clareburt 3rd in heat one, 7th in final
Men’s 100m breaststroke SB8: Jesse Reynolds 4th in heat one, 4th in final; Celyn Edwards 5th in heat one, 6th in final
Women’s 200m individual medley SM10: Sophie Pascoe 1st in heat two, 1st in final, gold medallist
Women’s 50m butterfly: Helena Gasson 2nd in heat two, 6th in semifinal two
Men’s 100m freestyle heats: Daniel Hunter 4th in heat eight, 5th in second semifinal; Matthew Stanley 5th in heat six, 5th in first semifinal; Sam Perry 6th in heat six, 7th in first semifinal

Women: New Zealand 80 Jamaica 49
Men: New Zealand 73 Australia 79

Women’s 57kg round of 16: Alexis Pritchard bt Mantoa Ranone (Lesotho)
Men’s 69kg round of 16: Leroy Hindley bt Mokhachane Moshoeshoe (Lesotho) 4-1

Beach volleyball
Women: New Zealand (Kelsie Wills, Shaunna Polley) bt Rwanda 2-0
Men: New Zealand (Ben O’Dea, Sam O’Dea) bt Mozambique 2-1

Women: Singles quarterfinals, Joelle King bt Joshna Chinappa (India) 11-5 11-6 11-9
Men: Singles quarterfinals, Paul Coll bt Daryl Selby (England) 11-5 11-9 7-11 11-5

Mixed team relay: (Nicole van der Kaay, Ryan Sissons, Andrea Hewitt, Tayler Reid) 3rd, bronze medallists

Cycling – Track
Men’s sprint: Eddie Dawkins qualified, lost 1/8 final; Ethan Mitchell qualified, won 1/8 final, lost quarterfinal; Sam Webster qualified, won 1/8 final, won quarterfinal, won semifinal, won final v Jack Carlin (Scotland), gold medallist
Men’s scratch race: Dylan Kennett 7th in heat one, 15th in final; Nick Kergozou 6th in heat one, 17th in final; Campbell Stewart 6th in heat two, second in final, silver medallist
Women’s points race: Rushlee Buchanan 5th, Michaela Drummond 10th, Raquel Sheath 17th
Women’s time trial: Emma Cumming 3rd, bronze medallist; Natasha Hansen 4th; Ellesse Andrews 12th

Daniel Hunter qualified for the men's 50m butterfly semifinals early on day one on the Gold Coast.


Lawn bowls
Women’s singles: Jo Edwards lost to Katherine Rednall (England) 21-17, bt Litia Tikoisuva (Fiji) 21-10
Men’s triples: New Zealand bt Nuie 36-8, bt Canada 18-13
Men’s pairs: New Zealand bt Ireland 26-12, bt Cook Islands 26-12, bt Fiji 18-11
Women’s fours: New Zealand bt Zambia 21-8, New Zealand bt Norfolk Island 28-5
B2/B3 mixed pairs: New Zealand lost to South Africa 14-12
B6/B7/B8 open triples: New Zealand lost to England 13-12

Beach volleyball
Men: New Zealand (Ben O’Dea and Sam O’Dea) bt Cyprus 2-1

Women’s 53kg final: Pip Patterson 6th
Men’s 69kg final: Vester Villalon DNF
Women’s 58kg final: Alethea Boon 5th

Men’s 200m freestyle: Matthew Stanley 5th heat three
Women’s 50m freestyle: Laticia-Leigh Transom 2nd heat four, 5th in semifinal
Women’s 100m backstroke: Bobbi Gichard 5th heat four, 6th in semifinal
Men’s 400m individual medley: Bradlee Ashby 3rd heat one, 5th in final; Lewis Clareburt 4th heat one, 3rd in final, Bronze medallist
Women’s 100m backstroke S9: Tupou Neiufi 6th heat one, 6th in final
Men’s 100m freestyle S9: Jesse Reynolds 3rd heat one, 6th in final; Chris Arbuthnott 3rd heat two, 5th in final
Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay: Matthew Stanley, Sam Perry, Corey Main, Daniel Hunter 1st heat one
Men’s 50m butterfly final: Daniel Hunter 5th, Sam Perry 6th
Men’s 100m backstroke final: Corey Main 7th
Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay final: New Zealand 4th

Gymnastics – Artistic
Women’s individual qualifying: Stella Ashcroft 7th (Vault 9th, Uneven Bars 19th, Balance Beam 3rd, Floor Exercise 11th), advances to all-round final

Men’s 91kg round of 16: David Nyika bt Yakita Aska (Antigua and Barbuda) by unanimous decision
Men’s over 91kg round of 16: Patrick Mailata bt Mitchell Barton (Scotland) by unanimous decision

Men’s round of 16: Campbell Grayson lost to James Willstrop (England) 3-1, Paul Coll bt Ivan Yuen (Malaysia) 3-0
Women’s round of 16: Amanda Landers-Murphy lost to Laura Massaro (England) 3-0, Joelle King bt Sivasangari Subramaniam (Malaysia) 3-1

Cycling – Track
Women’s sprint: Natasha Hansen 3rd in qualifying, won quarterfinal 2-0, won semifinal 2-1, lost final 2-0, Silver medallist; Olivia Podmore 5th in qualifying, lost quarterfinal; Emma Cumming 8th in qualifying, lost quarterfinal
Women’s individual pursuit: Kirstie James 5th in qualifying, Ellesse Andrews 6th in qualifying, Bryony Botha 9th in qualifying
Men’s individual pursuit: Dylan Kennett 3rd in qualifying, won bronze medal ride-off, Bronze medallist; Jared Gray 12th in qualifying, did not progress; Nicholas Kergozou 13th in qualifying, did not progress
Men’s keirin: Sam Webster 2nd in first round, 1st in second round, 5th in final; Bradley Knipe, 6th in first round, 4th in repechage; Eddie Dawkins 3rd in first round, 1st in repechage, 3rd in second round, 3rd in final, Bronze medallist

Men: Black Sticks 2 Canada 0
Women: Black Sticks 12 Ghana 0

Silver Ferns 70 Wales 44

Tall Blacks 110 Nigeria 65


Lawn bowls
Women’s singles: Jo Edwards bt Pinky (India) 20-16, bt Blumsky (Niue) 21-11
Men’s triples: New Zealand (Ali Forsyth, Mike Nagy, Paul Girdler) bt Singapore 28-6
Men’s pair: New Zealand bt Botswana 27-8
Women’s four: New Zealand bt Jersey 20-15
B2/B3 mixed pair: New Zealand bt Wales 14-11

Women’s race: Nicole van der Kaay 7th, Rebecca Spence 10th, Andrea Hewitt 13th
Men’s race: Ryan Sissons 5th, Tayler Reid 11th, Tony Dodds 16th

Women’s 200m freestyle: Carina Doyle 4th heat two, did not advance
Men’s 50m butterfly: Daniel Hunter 3rd heat six, 3rd semifinal two; Sam Perry 1st heat one, 3rd semifinal one; both advance to final
Women’s 50m breaststroke: Bronagh Ryan 5th heat three, eighth in semifinal, did not advance
Men’s 100m backstroke: Corey Main 1st heat two, third semifinal one, advances to final
Women’s 100m butterfly: Georgia Marris 6th heat three, eighth in semi; Helena Gasson 4th heat two, sixth in semi, did not advance
Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay: Laticia Transom, Marris, Doyle, Gasson 4th in final

Pool B: Black Sticks women 6 Scotland 1

Men’s 69kg: Leroy Hindley bt Katta (Sierra Leone), advances to round of 16
Men’s 64kg: Richie Hardlow bt Volcere (Seychelles), advances to round of 16

Men’s singles R64: Evan Williams bt Kelly (Cayman Islands) 3-0, Campbell Grayson bt Khalil (Guyana), both advance to R32
Men’s singles R32: Paul Coll bt Ndhlovu (Zambia) 3-0, Campbell Grayson bt Moran (Scotland) both advance to R16; Evan Williams lost to Adnan (Malaysia) 1-3
Women’s singles R32: Joelle King bt Saffery (Wales) 3-0, Amanda Landers-Murphy bt Methsarani (Sri Lanka) 3-0, both advance to R16

Cycling – Track
Women’s team pursuit: New Zealand lost to Australia in gold medal race, Silver medallists
Men’s team pursuit: New Zealand disqualified
Women’s team sprint: New Zealand (Natasha Hansen, Emma Cumming) lost to Australia in gold medal race, Silver medalists
Men’s team sprint: New Zealand (Ethan Mitchell, Sam Webster, Eddie Dawkins) beat England in gold medal race, Gold medalists

Pool B: Silver Ferns 64 Uganda 51

Men’s 62kg:
 Ianne Guinares 7th

Pool B: Tall Ferns 86 Malaysia 44



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