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You know what? I was surprised, I thought the first episode of Dancing With The Stars NZ would have a lot more cringe to it. It just scraped above my expectations but all in all it was tolerable. Here’s my review to the new season of DWTSNZ, and whether or not you should continue watching it.

First up was Robert Rakete, a Radio broadcaster who is more well known for his role as the brown Wiggle. Let me tell you, Robert does NOT look 51 (wink wink nudge nudge), he moved around that dance floor pretty darn well and made me terrified that he was going to be the best performance we’d see all night. I was proved wrong.

Social Media influencer Jess Quinn, who lost one of her legs to cancer as a child, was up next and took out the top spot. I’m still trying to figure out how she made ballroom dancing seem so easy with one leg, but she NAILED IT.

We had the first ever cricketer Chris Harris on the show, and now I can kind of see why they haven’t made an appearance on the show before! (just kidding, he was actually pretty good though his three scores of 6 made me a little nervous).

Real Housewives of Auckland star Gilda Kirkpatrick did alright, I wasn’t surprised honestly, NEXT.

The first of the political leaders involved this year, Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox, was hilarious to say the least (not her dancing, her attitude). There seems to be a bit of a power dynamic between her and her partner which wasn’t surprising considering she said she “didn’t want a skinny white guy”. When given said “skinny white guy” she seemed pretty disappointed so I can’t wait to see how that all pans out!

Former What Now presenter and Shortland Street star Shavaughn Ruakere almost broke the internet when she walked out in a black figure-hugging cat suit – the first time she has ever worn one, she said. It was A LOT to take in but I enjoyed every minute of it. Her performance was great as well… Not like many people seem to be focusing on that.

For the finale of night one, Newshub journalist Samantha Hayes performed what she called a non-traditional Foxtrot with partner Aaron Gilmore, who is a former Dancing With The Stars winner. As expected, she is beauty, she is grace, she is bound to win this race. That’s my early bet!

Night two had an interesting mixture on the cards. They started off with The Rock’s Roger Farrelly, who was wearing a mesh tank top. I honestly don’t know what scarred me more on television Monday night, that mesh top or the tidal wave of poo on Shortie St. ANYWAYS Rog was pretty darn good and definitely looked like he was enjoying himself. He looked like how I imagine my nearly 60 year old Dad would look like dancing ballroom with a couple of beers in him.

Number two of night two was David Seymour. If you’ve been listening to SKI FM recently you would know I’ve been SO EXCITED to see Mr Seymour on the d-floor. But alas, the excitement dampened pretty quick once he started moving. My prediction is that he’ll be the first one off but hey, at least I got to see him boogie once right?

Now Zac Franich was definitely the dark horse. Based purely on his romancing skills in The Bachelor, I wasn’t expecting timing or co-ordination. But he was a smooth criminal on the dance floor. His new GF Erin Simpson was in the crowd which would have made me super nervous but he looked cool, calm and collected. The only awkward moment was the female judges frothing over him afterwards, like seriously, did you not see how he broke Claudia’s heart? LOL

Naz was the next reality TV star come dancer and she was great. The amount of energy she bought to the dance floor made me question what protein powder she’s been having recently. She also cartwheeled in HEELS. I can barely cartwheel as an adult and add heels to that and you’ve got a very dangerous situation on hand!

Lastly was our national treasure Suzy Cato. WOW is all I can say. A beautiful performance from a lovely lady. Though if she never does a dance to “Cya cya later” I’m going to cry. That’s all. Overall, DWTSNZ was a good time and I ACTUALLY think I’m going to continue watching. I’m rooting for Samantha Hayes… or Suzy Cato… or Zac Franich… okay I can’t decide but you get the jist.

Make sure to watch it on TV3 Sunday night at 7pm and Monday at 7:30pm.


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