World Naked Gardening Day, celebrated around the globe on the first Saturday of May since 2005, may need a switch up.

Temperatures may not encourage day-long participation even from the most dedicated members of World Naked Gardening Day, which is one reason Kiwi naturists are calling for the establishment of a naked gardening day in September specifically for Southern Hemisphere gardeners.

New Zealand Naturist Federation president Donna Miller, who is also a member of the Auckland Naturists Club, explained that a September date would make better sense for gardeners in this part of the world. “May is springtime in the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s perfect for them,” she explained. “We are trying to get momentum going for a naked gardening day around our springtime. That’s when everything in the garden starts to come to life, the temperature starts to go up and a lot more people are keen to be out in nature then.”

To that end, the Federation is also speaking to naturists and like-minded societies in Australia and other Southern Hemisphere communities.

And just make sure you’re being careful when you are trimming the hedges in the nude… we hear it can get messy.



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