For those who are so excited about the upcoming royal wedding that watching it on television won’t be enough, there are some houses available on accommodation website AirBnB that might be of interest.

You will need a bank account larger than the royals themselves however.

There’s a five bedroom home just 70 metres from the entrance to Winsdor Castle.

The person who snaps up the home over the weekend of May 19 will get one of the best views of Harry and Meghan’s big day.

Interior of AirBnB at Windsor.

The house, which usually costs just under $500 per night, sleeps nine and is located right outside the castle walls.

The town of Slough, west of London, which isn’t usually at the top of the list for travellers, but the royal wedding has seen bookings in this area climb a massive 1437 percent.

For people who live within confetti-throwing distance of Windsor Castle itself, renting their home out for the weekend could earn them as much as $250,000.



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